Saturday, January 29, 2011

The one with perfect fit

I'm so happy my engagement ring can fit into my finger again. wohoo!  I have'nt reached my ideal weight but it's just so exciting that i can now wear my e-ring again.  I have'nt worn it for a time and i feel bad whenever my husband asks about it.  You see, he really saved up worked hard for it. :) And i know that it does'nt have to be real (but im glad it is! hahaha), the cubic zirconia engagement rings would pass for a genuine one so it would'nt really matter, the gesture is the more important thing.  But then again, I'm glad it's real. hahaha. So it's a shame when i can't wear it everytime. :) So thank you Lord that i can now flash simon's first bling-bling for me. :)

love you beh!

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