Thursday, January 13, 2011

The one with he or a she?

Our new nanny is a tomboy.

Picture this: thin body, spiky hair, loose clothes. but her name is Cory. :)  I did'nt expect our former housekeeper to recommend a lesbian as our nanny.  But then again, i don't want to fire her just because she is.  It does'nt seem right that way.  Simon and I talked about it and decided that we give the kid a break.  And after a week, we like her so far.  She cleans really well.  She washes our clothes really well, man, she even uses one of those green cleaning products and even handwashes some of our clothes.  She can easily follow my rules at home and does'nt complain.  I just hope we made the right decision of keeping her.  Sometimes though, i still get awkward by the fact that she does'nt prefer men. haha. we'll never know...she might get to her senses soon :)

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