Sunday, January 02, 2011

The one with i still don't have it

I thought i'd be able to get it this christmas. hahaha. and then he suddenly told me that he was just teasing me when he told me that he already ordered it online.  waah! doesn't he know i'd believe everything he'd say if it's about one of my wishlist items?! hahaha. but i can't complain. it's not as if i don't have a bag/purse to use now.  I even had my favorite Liz Claiborne purse fixed.  I so love it, it's like a speedy 30 bag of LV, only that it's initials are LC. hahaha. I also bought two Marc Jacobs handbags while browsing thru the net but ended up buying a Kenneth cole instead.  it was still a steal :)

When will i meet you Louis??? when???

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