Thursday, January 13, 2011

The one with hk soon

I'm excited with our HK-macau trip this february that i almost forgot to book our hotel.  Jill and I have yet to talk it over and I have to book first the Hollywood hotel that we so wanted for simone.  an overnight stay will be good.  We were also given free tickets to disneyland courtesy of the brother of achie's friend.  We are sooo grateful! Yey! While discussing last night about our trip, we kept on asking ourselves what it would feel like to be working at disneyland.  THere are a lot as in a lot of filipinos there.  I could get one of those merchandiser jobs, or as a performer during one of mickey's shows. hahaha. i can be one of the princesses too. bwahaha...

We're soo excited, i hope this trip will be an unforgettable and exciting one :)

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