Friday, January 14, 2011

The One With The Make-Up Fascination

I probably should just take some classes, but the problem with being a full-time mom with an active kid and a demanding business is that, more often than not, time is a luxury. So, I was browsing the net looking for tips on make-ups and found a really interesting site that teaches you step by step application of make-up it's like you're sitting in a class!

Don't ask me why I'm interested in make-ups. I have to attend parties all the time! right? :) Besides, it's a basic human right to feel good about yourself sometimes. Anyways, the girl on the demo video was wearing a pair of cheap glasses but her eye make-up was still something that catches one's attention. I would love to know more about make-up applications because I sure could use a fab make-up myself. I mean, who doesn't? I just hope I'll have the time to visit the site again.

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