Thursday, January 13, 2011

The one with cold weather's really cold lately.  I can't go out to run/jog because a 6am looks like an hour darker.  The sun has'nt peeked just yet, there are still stars for crying out loud and I don't want to jog at dark.  Nah, im just rationalizing the fact that the bed is cooler to sleep on these days. hahaha.  I wanted to be back on my toes, really.  Soon.  I'm sure i'll come around. ;)

The cool breeze has given our garden a greener color though.  Our Simon's potted plants grew flowers in it.  He likes to water them more now because he just bought a new hose. haha. He might buy the hydroponics system soon if he gets to turn our garden to an enchanted one. :) He's also trying to "revive" the three potted plants that were pestered with ants and insects.  In the morning, while enjoying the sun and the breeze, he trims the branches to make way for new ones. :) He really has a green thumb :)

I hope the cool breeze will be longer this year. Although i dont want to be bugged with a flu again :(

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Con & Ednel said...

huwat?? wala na si Maru? wow! tagal na nating hindi nag-chichikahan! :)