Thursday, January 27, 2011

The one with promo: Celine sale

I love inventory and clearance sales! This week, my best buy were Celine shoes! i had to buy unplanned (well, almost all my shopping sprees are unplanned, haha) coz the straps of my wedge shoes broke and i can't walk properly.  anyway, upon entering the store and seeing the counter displays, i did'nt notice right away the Extra 50% off. i was thinking that it's the normal discount you give during promos.  But apparently, when you buy a pair which is 50% off, you get the second pair with further 50% off more, giving you a total of 75% off.. Isn't it a good deal or what?! So even if i did'nt think i need another pair, i walked out of the store with two new pairs of shoes and i'm a happy mom :)

I plan to bring my mom there too so she can choose her shoes. :) til my next best buy kwento :)

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