Monday, January 10, 2011

The one with cough for a week

Our household has been bugged down with cough and colds for a week now.  I'm on the recovery stage but Simone seemed to be taking it longer than I'am.  Just this morning, her cough is more like a dry one, like a sound of a rough metal on your throat. she does'nt seem to mind but i want to bring her to the doctor already to have her check-up.  It's supposed to be on the recovery stage already but i don't think that won't take place soon. 

She's gonna see men in nursing scrubs again.  she does'nt like clinics but she loves her pedia.  She's the only pedia that makes her laugh (maybe it's because of the lollipops after the check-ups, haha).  But seriously, nurses should have a better way to put on their uniform.  Maybe a bandeau or a more fashionista style will do it.  Just so the kids won't be scared.  It's hard enough that they're sick, moreso that they associate their clothing to a trip to a nightmare.

I actually thought of buying a scrubs top for her new nanny but i'm still contemplating about it and see if she's also up for it.  I just don't like how she dresses up so i thought giving her a uniform will make up for it.

Get well soon my baby. :)

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