Saturday, January 29, 2011

The one with be back soon

A very good host/magician popularly known as Wizzo shocked me this morning.  I got a text message from him saying that he had to retire soon.  I called him and asked the reason why it's so sudden.  I thought he'd migrate but it turns out that he has to undergo treatments. I was speechless for a while and was stuttering coz i could'nt find the words to answer back.  I just could'nt believe that i'd hear that word. He shared to me the story and the history and the worse part is that he's the only breadwinner. how can he support his family, moreso his treatments. I can only imagine how much those CT scans, MRI, therapies, and other cautery-needed procedures would cost.  I just hope we can soon plan something, a fund-raising event will be a good idea.

My prayers are with you Wizzo. Hang in there! Be back soon...

The one with perfect fit

I'm so happy my engagement ring can fit into my finger again. wohoo!  I have'nt reached my ideal weight but it's just so exciting that i can now wear my e-ring again.  I have'nt worn it for a time and i feel bad whenever my husband asks about it.  You see, he really saved up worked hard for it. :) And i know that it does'nt have to be real (but im glad it is! hahaha), the cubic zirconia engagement rings would pass for a genuine one so it would'nt really matter, the gesture is the more important thing.  But then again, I'm glad it's real. hahaha. So it's a shame when i can't wear it everytime. :) So thank you Lord that i can now flash simon's first bling-bling for me. :)

love you beh!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The One With Losing Weight

For me, it's no small wonder why celebrities lose their weight fast. Or celebrity mothers who've given birth have no problems getting rid of all extra fat they've gained during pregnancy. After all, they could afford all that Science has to offer and there's no reason why they shouldn't if they could, right? There are some who are using appetite suppressant, but although that makes sense, I don't think I'll have those until I've heard and read all facts about it.  Of course, there are a lot of places offering phentermine reviews, and people should take advantage of that, but right now I'm still so enjoying my routine jogging and diet that I'll probably read those later on -- hopefully when it's not too late, hahaha!-- seriously, I love all the health benefits that jogging is giving me, not to mention the energy that I really really need right now, what with no helper, an active toddler and a business to manage!

Speaking of which, I had better get back to it before Simone wakes up and I'll have no time for either growing my empire and keeping to my single-mindedness decision to lose weight!

The One With Excited For Simone's Birthday!

In a few days time, Simone will be having her birthday and I'm so excited! As a birthday treat, we're taking her to Hong Kong Disneyland and celebrate her birthday there :)

I always tend to reminisce about the days when Simone was younger and smaller, especially so when her birthday is approaching. I think all mothers can relate to that. I still remember when Simone was born, everybody was telling us how fair her skin was. Everybody kept teasing us about our difference in skin tone. I don't have a light skin tone but I don't have a dark skin either. I do think I have a good skin, in fact, I never had problems with pimples and often sympathize with some of my peers who always need benzaclin reviews or some such kind to treat their skin. Simon wasn't as fair as Simone too. So that when we all stand together for a picture, except for her features Simone doesn't look like our daughter :) And she's one pretty kid (if I may say so!).

And we're so blessed to have her in our lives. We'll treat her to Disneyland every month if we could! Happy Birthday Simone!

The One With The Comforting Presence

A few days ago, my sister in law who took her son for check-up in the hospital, sat next to a woman in the hospital's laboratory waiting lounge. The woman was quite friendly and dropped that she was sick, and mysister in law just didn't know what to say that will sound neither too sympathetic nor too blunt. I thought about it hard and came up with a few things that we should try not to say to a person with cancer. Hopefully, this will help all of us in those awkward moments.

  • "I know what you're feeling". This is probably the biggest mistake we could say. We don't know what they're feeling. So, instead of saying pretentious words that could lead to us hurting the feelings of the patient, just don't say anything. Silence is sometimes more comforting than words. 

  • "It's OK, everything is going to be all right". Now that's another empty promise, and the patient knows it. Instead of offering false promises, just verbalize that you will always be there with the patient to offer your support and strength.

  • "You can make it". While that's raising determination in the patient, that could also encourage hope that may lead to disappointment. Maybe it would be better to ask the patient what he is feeling instead and what you can do to make him feel comfortable.

I believe that we don't always have to have the right words. In fact, we don't always have to say anything. Our presence is enough to let them know that we care and support them, and sometimes we don't have to say anything at all but just be right there beside them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The one with promo: Celine sale

I love inventory and clearance sales! This week, my best buy were Celine shoes! i had to buy unplanned (well, almost all my shopping sprees are unplanned, haha) coz the straps of my wedge shoes broke and i can't walk properly.  anyway, upon entering the store and seeing the counter displays, i did'nt notice right away the Extra 50% off. i was thinking that it's the normal discount you give during promos.  But apparently, when you buy a pair which is 50% off, you get the second pair with further 50% off more, giving you a total of 75% off.. Isn't it a good deal or what?! So even if i did'nt think i need another pair, i walked out of the store with two new pairs of shoes and i'm a happy mom :)

I plan to bring my mom there too so she can choose her shoes. :) til my next best buy kwento :)

The one with seventh day

After three weeks, the new househelp left us. :( and i'm all alone again carrying all the load of maintaining the house, taking care of simone and managing the business.  I was caught offhand when she left but it seemed that she's not up for the work as she has a very thin body frame, she looks anemic too so we did'nt ask too many questions if she'd come back or whatever. :(

I just feel sad coz  i just started getting adjusted with having a househelp again and now, we're back to zero.  I'd have to put on my supermom hat again but just thinking about it makes me tired.  Even God had His seventh day to rest.  I was praying that patience be my virtue, strength be my guide and a calm heart be my soul. :) First day of yayaless and my face looked like i needed to treat acne.  I just hope this won't take a while and sooner or later, we'd find a new help. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The One With The Journey

In the Philippines, when you're losing weight, people get nosy and ask you how you lost your weight. I must admit that I get curious too and ask so maybe I could try it. I guess, it's natural for people to get curious so it's probably not just here in the Philippines after all.

I've been losing a lot of weight and have been getting the same questions lately. Some think I'm using an all natural diet pills, some think I'm onto some diet fad, but really it's just a lot of getting up in the wee hours of the morning and jogging in some trails near our house. And of course, food dieting plays a big role too :)

It's a continuous and long journey and I can't say I've reached the end already where I am totally happy with what I've achieved. One of these days, I'll make a longer post on how I'm doing it nowadays. In the meantime, wish me luck! -- or do I mean determination, to get my sleepy self out of the bed every time :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The One With The Job Application

Recently, I was talking to my sister in law who's been working in a call center company for years. She's been forever complaining about the many disadvantages of working in such a company, but like most responsible employees, she just couldn't leave the job just like that, what with the kind of economy that we have today.

She's got a supervisory position and her schedule is more predictable, but now that she's married, I just can't blame her for wanting to have a new post with a different, "normal" kind of schedule. Her biggest concern before was that her schedule was making her fat. Really, if I could just give her some diet energy pills so she'll have the energy without gaining a lot of weight, I'd have done so before now.

Well, she's got a lot to think about now, not least of those is maintaining her health to be ready for when she becomes pregnant.

I hope that she gets the job with the ideal job schedule soon. Good luck sis! You can do it!

The One With Dress Season

You remember I mentioned how I love wearing dresses nowadays? I still do. In fact, I've been kicking myself for not wearing them earlier ever since my mirror says "you look sexy in it!" I lost some weight. Not that I'd pass for a model who doesn't need any ab workouts, but dresses are just so easy on the stomach I don't worry about mommy fats showing somewhere anymore! Ya, believe me, that would be a disaster.

I don't know about you but I find it less of a trouble too, to wear a dress than to wear a separate top and jeans bottom because it requires less decisions as compared to deciding what shirt, what pants, what bag, what will tie the look together, blah blah blah. Get my point? Hehe. Do I sound like I'm just looking for more reasons to wear dresses?

Well, it's definitely a "dress" season for me, friends! Who knows, if you ask me hard enough, I might even post some pictures of me in a dress *wink*

The One With The Make-Up Fascination

I probably should just take some classes, but the problem with being a full-time mom with an active kid and a demanding business is that, more often than not, time is a luxury. So, I was browsing the net looking for tips on make-ups and found a really interesting site that teaches you step by step application of make-up it's like you're sitting in a class!

Don't ask me why I'm interested in make-ups. I have to attend parties all the time! right? :) Besides, it's a basic human right to feel good about yourself sometimes. Anyways, the girl on the demo video was wearing a pair of cheap glasses but her eye make-up was still something that catches one's attention. I would love to know more about make-up applications because I sure could use a fab make-up myself. I mean, who doesn't? I just hope I'll have the time to visit the site again.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The one with hk soon

I'm excited with our HK-macau trip this february that i almost forgot to book our hotel.  Jill and I have yet to talk it over and I have to book first the Hollywood hotel that we so wanted for simone.  an overnight stay will be good.  We were also given free tickets to disneyland courtesy of the brother of achie's friend.  We are sooo grateful! Yey! While discussing last night about our trip, we kept on asking ourselves what it would feel like to be working at disneyland.  THere are a lot as in a lot of filipinos there.  I could get one of those merchandiser jobs, or as a performer during one of mickey's shows. hahaha. i can be one of the princesses too. bwahaha...

We're soo excited, i hope this trip will be an unforgettable and exciting one :)

The one with cold weather's really cold lately.  I can't go out to run/jog because a 6am looks like an hour darker.  The sun has'nt peeked just yet, there are still stars for crying out loud and I don't want to jog at dark.  Nah, im just rationalizing the fact that the bed is cooler to sleep on these days. hahaha.  I wanted to be back on my toes, really.  Soon.  I'm sure i'll come around. ;)

The cool breeze has given our garden a greener color though.  Our Simon's potted plants grew flowers in it.  He likes to water them more now because he just bought a new hose. haha. He might buy the hydroponics system soon if he gets to turn our garden to an enchanted one. :) He's also trying to "revive" the three potted plants that were pestered with ants and insects.  In the morning, while enjoying the sun and the breeze, he trims the branches to make way for new ones. :) He really has a green thumb :)

I hope the cool breeze will be longer this year. Although i dont want to be bugged with a flu again :(

The one with he or a she?

Our new nanny is a tomboy.

Picture this: thin body, spiky hair, loose clothes. but her name is Cory. :)  I did'nt expect our former housekeeper to recommend a lesbian as our nanny.  But then again, i don't want to fire her just because she is.  It does'nt seem right that way.  Simon and I talked about it and decided that we give the kid a break.  And after a week, we like her so far.  She cleans really well.  She washes our clothes really well, man, she even uses one of those green cleaning products and even handwashes some of our clothes.  She can easily follow my rules at home and does'nt complain.  I just hope we made the right decision of keeping her.  Sometimes though, i still get awkward by the fact that she does'nt prefer men. haha. we'll never know...she might get to her senses soon :)

The one with medicine struggle

Simone does'nt want to drink her antibiotic for her cough.  She has three medicines and the only medicine that she does'nt want to take is Klaz.  How come they put "taste right" in the label and it does'nt even taste good for adults, moreso for kids. :(  I should have asked for a replacement when i put the med in the medical carts.  It really does'nt taste good.  It even has granules that look like sugar. i mean, what's up with that?! how can a toddler drink a liquid that has granules that won't dissolve? haha. blame it all on the medicine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The one with dress fever

Ever since my sister in law, Merci, commented on how much dresses look good on me, I got two or three more comments from my other friends.  So the effect??? I found myself browsing stores for dresses i could wear. hahaha.  and it's so much fun to shop now coz it's clearance sale everywhere!!! Almost all stores i go to have dereon sale, inventory sale, up to 70% off! wow!

My latest good buy is a Bayo dress which i bought at 50% off.  i was originally eyeing a blouse at the same price but thought the dress would have been a better deal.  And it is! :)

I also love the black dress i bought at apple and eve but could'nt find the right occasion to wear it. :)

I love inventory sales!!! happy shopping!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The one with cough for a week

Our household has been bugged down with cough and colds for a week now.  I'm on the recovery stage but Simone seemed to be taking it longer than I'am.  Just this morning, her cough is more like a dry one, like a sound of a rough metal on your throat. she does'nt seem to mind but i want to bring her to the doctor already to have her check-up.  It's supposed to be on the recovery stage already but i don't think that won't take place soon. 

She's gonna see men in nursing scrubs again.  she does'nt like clinics but she loves her pedia.  She's the only pedia that makes her laugh (maybe it's because of the lollipops after the check-ups, haha).  But seriously, nurses should have a better way to put on their uniform.  Maybe a bandeau or a more fashionista style will do it.  Just so the kids won't be scared.  It's hard enough that they're sick, moreso that they associate their clothing to a trip to a nightmare.

I actually thought of buying a scrubs top for her new nanny but i'm still contemplating about it and see if she's also up for it.  I just don't like how she dresses up so i thought giving her a uniform will make up for it.

Get well soon my baby. :)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

The one with best day ever

"Is this the best day or what?!"  I remember how Monica of Friends (tv series) shouted this line when she got a lambhorgini (is this how you spell it?) from her dad and found out that Chandler's lazy boy chair is gone for good (apparently, she hated it).  I said the same words last January 4. :)

Funny how the day started with me as a couch potato.  I was'nt even at my wedding mood that day and it's Omel's wedding.  I know, I felt so bad thinking about not attending.  But shame on me if i raincheck on omel's wedding.  He invited all of us and i haven't seen the guy in years.  Omel, by the way, is a childhood friend.  We grew up together, we're HOMETOWN friends (as omel coined it).  Anyway, i still attended the wedding...reception (bad jacque!) I hitched on jon's car (jill's husband) and we were early at the reception. hahaha.  It was one of the best weddings i attended and here are some of the reasons which also caps off why it's one of the best days so far :)

~ Omel was so hands-on with the wedding and I really think he did a very good job.  Their suppliers were awesome.! Threelogy, K Cunanan, Baicapture, Sound salad, Blue Leaf as their reception venue :)
~ It's one of those weddings that you know is fancy and all those stuff but laid back at the same time.  Not laid back like you can lie on one of Blue Leaf's lanays or something but it's not as formal as other weddings are.  The crowd was great.  Everyone was just enjoying the food and the program.
~ Yeah the program was simple but entertaining.  Hats off to Atom
~ Love, as always, was in the air.  I super love Boots' gown.  And it's funny how Omel and Boots, different from each other, complete each other at the same time.  :) Amazing :)
~ I had a wonderful time with my childhood friends aka HOMETOWN friends. (hahaha) I did'nt realize i missed them until that day.  When Omel saw me during the pictorials, he hugged me tight. as in really tight while hug-bending me left and right.  Hug-bending is when you hug someone and while hugging them you move your bodies left and right, bending them sideways.  You do this because of glee and excitement. hahaha.  It was a long hug and we got to chat a little during that short pictorial moment. :)  I told my girlfriends (naan and jill) about that moment.  Omel may not have noticed or realized it but i was deeply touched with the gesture and naan told me that he must have missed me because it's been a long time since the last time we saw each other.  And then i just realized how much i miss all of them.  Ejay, the ever comic guy in the group; Egay, the corny one but his being corny makes it fun; and Omel. 
~ After the wedding, we had some pictorials using Egay's camera.  We abused his gadget and asked for more pictures. hahaha. Funny how Ejay kept on teasing all of us using the HOMETOWN friends line.  You see, Omel in his thank you speech, included us and addressed us as his hometown friends.  Well technically there's no better way to put it than that. It's just so funny since we never used that word. :P
~ And to cap off the evening, we met Herman Zapp of  After meeting him, all i could say was "thank you Lord for that opportunity".  Herman and Omel have a common friend who was there at the wedding.  To give you a short descrption, Herman Zapp and his family are from Argentina.  They (Herman and his wife) had a lifelong dream of being able to travel.  So when they married, they decided to pack and travel where the roads will lead them...literally.  Using their 1928 vehicle, they have been travelling on the road for 11 years.  They already have four children and are still travelling.  Their next stop...Philippines! They've been staying here for three months already.  Will post a separate entry on one of the most inspiring conversations i had. :)
~ You'd think that ends my day but no. :) When we got home, Simon gave me a gift and it's wrapped! I don't have the slightest idea that he's bought me a surprise. It's heavy and it's boxed.  So i thought, "this cant be my LV. hahaha" when i saw the name Samsung in the box, i knew it's a new laptop and i'm sooo happy!  Did'nt expect i'd upgrade right away.  Thank you so much beh.  It was a good surprise. love you!

Here are some pictures :)

 Hometown friends

Herman Zapp, Jill, Jacque, Naan

Now do you agree with me?! It's the best day right??? :) thank you Lord!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The one with stray bullet

Every year, every year, i get scared of stray bullets.  I'd always go down and stay on the living room, not spending so much time on my room on the second floor.  I thought i'd stop thinking about it when we transferred here to our place two years ago but i still end up thinking about it and being scared more and more.

Got really terrified when a my friend's son got hit by a stray bullet. it was a hit on the right finger. soo scary. imagine, it would have been elsewhere but the grace of God spared his son.  More than the smoke that night which felt like macanudo cigars by the way, the loud noises, the endless food, the safety we had while celebrating new year is something to be really grateful for.

thank you Lord.

The one with i still don't have it

I thought i'd be able to get it this christmas. hahaha. and then he suddenly told me that he was just teasing me when he told me that he already ordered it online.  waah! doesn't he know i'd believe everything he'd say if it's about one of my wishlist items?! hahaha. but i can't complain. it's not as if i don't have a bag/purse to use now.  I even had my favorite Liz Claiborne purse fixed.  I so love it, it's like a speedy 30 bag of LV, only that it's initials are LC. hahaha. I also bought two Marc Jacobs handbags while browsing thru the net but ended up buying a Kenneth cole instead.  it was still a steal :)

When will i meet you Louis??? when???

The one with Justin's 3rd bday

The succeeding posts are random of our family's events during the busiest month of the year.  We celebrated Justin's 3rd bday last december 5 and we had a blast. it was an intimate party with just families and closest of friends but we enjoyed good food, games and prizes.  thanks jane and oliver! i must say, i'm proud of jane for pulling off a party for justin every year.  she has her reasons for celebrating it with a party every year and i admire her for that.  parties need not be expensive everytime.  it just had to be celebrated because there are a lot of reasons to celebrate it for :)

God bless you Justin! :)

The one with happy new year!

A big and blessed Happy new year to all!!!  This year will be a year of love, joy, prosperity and good health. I declare it in Jesus' Name...