Friday, April 18, 2008

All wrinkled up

Last week's experience took a toll on me, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I know that there will always be a first time for everything, but I just really hate medical emergencies. I only wanted to go to hospitals if I'm visiting a friend who just gave birth or if I would have to give birth. The thought of someone sick makes me sick even more, specially if it's your baby we're talking about.

I was so tired and all messed up. I'd go out of the hospital room to buy some stuff and realized that I have'nt combed my hair. My face never had a taste of my Bare Escentuals kit for days. Haha, even the best anti wrinkle cream can never be effective on me. I was really serious for the past days and can only think about my baby. Of course, who would not?! And I just thank God that it's all over.

God has His reasons and we just clinged on to Him. That's the only thing that we could do. So even if it was a very overwhelming experience, we learned so much from it and we could'nt stop thanking Him for He keeps on ironing the wrinkled parts of our lives.

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