Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The one with 14 months

Yup, we still celebrate it. This time, I just bought a chocolate caramel cake from Red Ribbon and cooked all-meat spaghetti for simone, err, simon. haha. he specifically requested that i cook the ala-jollibee pasta that he likes and i'm glad that they all loved it. Here are some pictures

At 14 months, Simone's mini-milestones are the following:
~ she starts to doodle using pentel pens, ballpens, or crayons. She's manifesting signs of being a lefty but still ambidextrous. either way, we're fine with it. i'am a lefty and i'm proud of it. haha.
~ she appreciates coloring even if she just tries to put color on every page and outside the lines and images. haha.
~ she walks with one-hand assistance. she can walk alone for about 10 steps then will sit and then crawl. haha.
~ she has mastered identifying things such as dog, cat, ice cream, jacket, princess, monkey, lion, orange, fish, and many more. so basically, the flash cards and the ABC book are really effective on her.
~ she answers to questions, "sinong maganda?" and taps herself. she still wittily answers her famous "opo" word.
~ she appreciates the routine i've set around the house so she knows when it's nap time, when she'll eat, when she'll go out and stroll, etc.
~ she still wakes up at night, to drink one bottle of milk, from which i dont wait for her to finish it anymore. Or sometimes wakes up to just play...in the middle of the night. haha. talking about changing sleeping pattern huh?
~ she signs "No" when she does'nt want things and throw her arms when she objects on something.
~ she can say "mommy", "dada", "ate", "mawnin" for good morning, "awaw" for dog, "nyeh" for nyeh!, "hedyo" for hello, "hi"
~ she follows commands in phrases like "raise your hands", touch your tummy, etc.
~ she has added her ears and mouth and tummy to parts of her body that she can identify
~ she still throws tantrums once in a while.
~ she still is quiet sometimes in public, the need to develop her social skills.
~ sometimes, she does'nt do the "tricks" that she knows already before other family members and simon and i are left feeling like we're just making everything up. haha.

We love you Francesca Simone!

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