Monday, April 28, 2008

The one with still clueless

I still don't know what to give Simon for his birthday. Waaah! I have yet to go out tomorrow and check out what I can buy for him. And I still don't have an idea how we'd go about celebrating it. nyahaha, talking about being prepared huh? It's just that we're saving up for a lot of things but I know I have to at least prepare something for him. Maybe a hot lingerie gift will do? hahaha.

Oh and it's my dad's birthday today! we went to my parents' house, had an early dinner. i was so full. The pasta is good, chicken is yummy, ice cream's the best and the cake of course. I felt my ears clapping when my mom told me that she was trying to imitate the pasta i prepared for simone's 14th month birthday. aaawww... she said it was so yummy, she just have to try how to cook it as well. It's music to my ears. hehe, i'm a certified pasta cook! :) my seafood pesto is also to die for, according to my mom-in-law. and may i quote her exact words, "jacque, the pasta is perfect! can you teach jenny (my SIL) how to cook it?" wow, orchestra to my ears. hahaha.

Oh i still don't have anything for simon. haha, please help! ;)

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