Saturday, April 26, 2008

The one with clueless

Four days to go 'til Simon's 28th birthday and I still don't know how we'd celebrate it. Good thing though that it's his rest day from work so we'll definitely have the whole day together. After simone's party, we really decided we won't be throwing or treating families and friends this year since we spent for simone's already. But now that his birthday is nearing, I can feel that he wants to still celebrate it. He keeps on saying that we'll just sleep it off but I know he wants more. haha. we don't celebrate big parties from the start, we're okay with dining out and gifts, but that's the problem....the budget for buying a gift for him. waaah! I'm really confused. A big part of me really wants to buy him one of his wish lists but a part of me tells me not to touch our funds anymore. Forced savings! I'm torn. Birthdays are important to his family, as i've observed it and I just don't want him to give this answer when he's asked how his birthday was: "wala lang, tinulog ko lang" ***sigh***

On a lighter note, we will be attending Joaquin's party tomorrow and I'm sure it will be a blast! We're just so excited. We're sad we were not able to attend andie's but im sure it was a blast too! happy birthdays to the babies! Tomorrow evening, we'll have dinner at the Fermin's to celebrate my dad's birthday on monday. My elder brother can't make it on monday so we're moving the celebration tomorrow just so we're complete. hehe.

Simone went to her first summer outing today with the Tan Family. We had it on a private resort in Antipolo. It was super duper fun. Separate post on that and pictures of course.

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