Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The one with forever moms

My mom and Simone at the hospital (o diba, naka-headband pa?!haha)

I just have to give credits to our moms who have been so supportive and helpful during our kabangagan last week. My mom who has helped me attend to simone. She visited us everyday, staying at the hospital almost the whole day. She said she cannot stand staying at home, she wanted to be with simone always. My mom in law who went to the hospital last sunday and called practically everyday to check on simone and would text me every now and then to get updates. We're blessed to have moms who are "forever moms", from which they still treat their apos as if their own. The care and the love is just so overwhelming. I guess you can't take it out of any mom. Once you're a mother, you will always have the instinct to take care of people and of things, make sure that everything is okay and that everyone is good.

Kudos to forever moms!

Oh and Happy monthsary beh! love you! excited nako sa date natin tomorrow! yahoo, day off! haha.

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