Monday, April 21, 2008

The one with this and that

This post is just a rundown of what sorts...

~ Yesterday was Simone's 14th month birthday! Yey! I cooked my ever all-meat spaghetti as requested by simon and bought an ice cream and a small choco cake at Red Ribbon. Usually, Simone's bedtime is at 8pm but last night, but last night, she really waited for her dad to come home before she slept. Luckily, was able to take some shots of them. cuteness! will upload soon. haha.

~ After a week from the hospital, today is her first time to play at her playroom again. She was so happy!

~ I notice Simone is fond of books which makes me a proud mom! When her toys and books are laid before her, she gets her books first before anything else. She turns the pages and points at things that she can identify. cute!

~ Yesterday, I had to go to the mall to run errands and pay our life insurance quotes at the bank. I did'nt have a car since Simon used it to work and although the SM mall is just a walking distance from our village, I still rode a jeepney. After I hopped in and paid, five seconds late and i wailed stop already. The other passengers were looking at me, as if judging me and giving me the "can't you walk?!" look. haha. don't blame me, i was carrying two bags for goodness' sake. hahaha. But i still felt a little guilty specially that the TV ads are telling me to walk in order to help prevent global warming. haha, the conscientious in me.

~ In one of my egroups, a popular topic thread that I got interested in is the Waldorf education. I know our godparents (Ninong Super and Ninang Tetess) are using that method on their child and it seems to be effective. I don't know if we can do it since we are TV addicts but the method is really interesting. And it's really a child-curriculum based method. they teach through music (which is very important to us), crafts and arts (which is very important to me), and movements. Have to research more about it though and the discipline i'm sure will not stop at the child but will be extended to the parents more. hmmm,

~ This weekend is our family outing at Antipolo and we're excited. On sunday, we will attend Joaquin's birthday bash! Too bad, I really think we won't be able to attend Andie's party on saturday but at least we'll see each other on joaquin's. Yey!

~ One more thing I'm looking forward to our family photo session next month with Nap. i texted Rhea and asked her if they can quote a photo session for us as a family. Venue is at UP diliman. They gave it for free, we'll just take them out at Chocolate Kiss after! Yahoo! Super looking forward to it. Come to think of it, we don't have decent family pictures. Paging hubby, please buy me a DSLR already. hahaha. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately to prove to him that I need a more decent camera soon and that I deserve one. He just smiled and said, "I'll save up for it." Remember the wish list I did months back, I really hope I can enroll myself to a photography lesson (anyone who's willing to train me? for free? bwahaha) but how can i do so if i don't have a nice camera to practice with?! i hope my hubby's reading this now. nyahaha. too much for dreams...

Oh well, that's just about it. will give more updates soon. tata!

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