Friday, April 18, 2008

The one with amazement

The Starbucks of Medical City has been an instant comforter during our stay there. And just as I was standing and choosing which coffee I have'nt tried yet during our stay(haha), someone from my peripheral called me by my maiden name. "Hey, Jacqueline Fermin...oopps, hindi na pala Fermin, Tan na pala." And when I looked at her, it was my college classmate/seatmate. Back in college, we were only one seat apart and coming from a block section, we literally sat next to each other for four years. And it amazes me how despite the time and of aging process, she has'nt changed a bit. She's the same, old jolly classmate that i know. Her hair did'nt change at all. And her voice is the same deep voice that i knew of her. She still does the "give me five" sign after every phrase that she says (promise!she never fails to do that) and I love her for that. For crying out loud, she still does'nt have a boyfriend yet(since birth!).

But what truly amazes me is that she may not have changed physically but she truly has changed in terms of her profession and passion in life. She is now a doctor. Seeing her in white uniform with her embroidered name and the department she is specializing on, man! I could'nt be more proud for her. She was talking about a colon cleanse that she had to do for a patient and how her life has totally been drawn to the walls of the hospital. Listening to her as she talks about her stories made me happy because as far as i remember, that's all that she has wanted from the start, to become a doctor. And I'm just so proud that she is now.

Oh and if you're wondering what my course was in college, it's BS Psychology, a pre-med. Why I did'nt decide to pursue medicine?! nah! I just wanted to wear white in college. haha.

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