Monday, April 28, 2008

The one with another wish list

Been dying to have a new hairdo for months. I don't want to cut my hair short coz I feel like it does'nt fit me now that I still have a lot to lose, plus wearing my hair up during bad hair days is one of my surviving kits. haha. I want to have it permed but the budget does'nt permit me. I want to have bangs but I'm not sure if i can maintain it, and i have to have it done at a very good salon, lest disaster it will be.


issa said...

sis, we're on the same boat, ive been wanting to get a perm but dont know where to ka pag natuloy ka ha hehe :)

Jacque said...

sure issa, i'll update you if i've done it na. super gusto ko talaga. mejo pinapahaba ko lang hair ko pa and hopefully, i'll have the budget for it na rin by that time. 3k yung regular sa tony and jackey, 5k if loreal sa kanila. sila na yung best quality, most reasonable price accdg. to jacq. :)