Monday, April 07, 2008

The one with the practical me

Ever since i resigned from being an employee of a "not-so-8-to-5" job (try 7 to 7 job), i've resolved to finding more ways to earn and be as "stable" as i was. One thing I learned from being self-employed is that employment does not dictate stability of life. In the long run, it will always be establishing yourself that will get you to places. And while I'm at it, I've ventured into some interesting resources that i can start with.

I've always been a blogger ever since simon and i started preparing for our wedding and i know for a fact that blogging will always be a part of my internet life. and taking an advice from one of my mentors, i tried to monetize my blogging by applying my blog in blog advertising. What best way to do it but to get paid for blogging. I did'nt have hestitations as i see this as an opportunity to widen my blogging skills and i see it as a fulfillment, to be actually being able to get paid for blogging. I had thoughts of the possibility of turning my blog into a buy and sell commodity but then again, I saw it the other way around. Being able to do blog ads is something that not all bloggers can do, it's something that you can use to maximize what you have and extend yourself to the blogosphere world. allows advertisers to see how you promote their products and services and by doing such, a blogger gets paid. It's that easy. You have the freedom to choose the topics you think you can blog about and get paid for blogging about it. it's not like you're limiting yourself to just advertising. It's simply talking about other interesting things that can be helpful to those who visit your site. And that's what I love most about it. You not only talk about your personal woos and coos, but you get to talk about things outside your own world and the most fun part of it all is that you get paid for blogging it.

So, share your blog to the's a chance you can't resist.

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