Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The one with everyone's leaving

Haayy...i don't know what's going on but everyone's seems to be leaving the country, migrating here and there. parang napapaisip tuloy kme if we want to give it a shot.

Jason and Naan - will fly off to China on May 1. Jason has been given a very good break at Behringer and he'll be working there while Naan looks for something that she can do or make as a business. We're totally happy and excited for them pero syempre the feeling of missing them sucks. just the thought of it makes me feel sad already. see, we're childhood friends and by childhood, i mean, wearing just panties and going out to play on broad daylight. and we've never been separated ever since (by continent). but as jill has told me, maybe the distance will tend us to see each other more often. we're planning to save up so we all can go to china and have a vacation there. yey! finally, i can bring simon to hk disneyland. we'll pray for it pa.

Jake and Shiela - will fly off to US on April 8. They are simon's college friends whom i've become close with as well and they're trying out US as they establish a family and look for work there. They've been granted tourist visas only but hopefully, if jake will find a good employer, then work permit will follow. Jake's family lives there already. I love how organized and focused they are with their life. They seem to know what they want from life and how to get it. and we're inspired to do just the same for our family, plan and plan. and of course, lift everything up to God as you plan your life ahead.

The Girons - this is a great shock to me and our church congregation will miss them big time. joel and jez are part of the music team, they are the dancing twins, much like the same level of the maneuvers. and not seeing them dance during praise and worship is something that i'll miss. ninong jun and ninang babes are our godparents on our wedding. they are just a funny, cool couple and we look up to them in terms of how well they've established a close relationship to their kids. as in parang barkada lang. one time, they all went to church with the same outfit na camouflage pants. haha, cool. their destination, migrating to the US.

To all our friends, we will all miss you and we will always pray for you. So because of this, our opposwim friends are going to puerto galera next week for jason and naan's despedida and an all-day swimming with CCP friends at club manila east on sunday for jake and shiela's. :)

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