Monday, April 07, 2008

The one with something cookin' up

Yaya Maru is cooking nilagang baka as of this moment, as requested by my husband who jokingly noticed that we have'nt had beef at home ever since we got married. well, it's an exaggeration but come to think of it, you can actually count on your fingers how many times i served beef at home. The main reason...we don't have a pressure cooker. haha. and i find beef really expensive compared to chicken, fish or pork. But the submissive wife in me told me while i was at the grocery to buy beef for him. haha. after two long hours of boiling the beef...heck, we're still boiling it. :)

Anyhow, what's cooking with the little tans?! we're pretty much busy with our friends leaving the country, thus, preparing for some getaways with them before they leave. sheila and jake will leave tomorrow and we will give them a ride to the airport. i hope i can come with them. i just can't leave simone. friday, we're off to Puerto Galera with our opposwim friends. hmmm, i'll be leaving simone with my mom but i still have'nt told them about our plans. hahaha. i'm gonna miss my little princess. it's just that it will be really hard for the whole group if we're gonna bring a baby since it's just galera. haha, not that i'm under-estimating the place but if it were boracay or thailand or hongkong, then by all means, i'd sling her the whole time. Sorry baby, Mommy and Daddy will miss you.

There's always a first time

I have'nt updated you guys lately on simone's developments, sorry. but here's her first time to ride the kiddie food cart of SM grocery. i went to the grocery today with her. i love doing groceries alone, that's a trivia, but of course, simone will always be an exception to every rule. haha.

"mommy, i know how to drive now..."

she has always been a fan of cars. yeah, she like balls and cars over dolls. haha. she has this ferrari toy car that we got from Shell before and she loves to play with that. and when i put her on the kiddie cart a while ago, i was stunned when she was navigating the wheel and using the "key" to "start" the engine. and she loooved it! haha. i immediately called simon and was ecstatic to tell him the news. haay, she's really a big girl na. :)

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