Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The one with just had to

I just had to go to a facial center and have my face cleaned. Man, i absolutely cannot remember the last time i had my face cleaned. My goodness, im not sure if it's because it's ages ago or one of the effects of anesthesia on me. haha.

Anyway, when i lied down on one of their semi-looking hospital bed, the lady who attended to me asked after she touched and looked my face if it was my first time. hahaha. i really did'nt know if i was to laugh or if i should be insulted by the question. It just meant that i have so many blackheads already and all other dirt and blemishes that she thought i have'nt had my first facial. i used to do it regularly but when i got pregnant, i was not allowed to. after giving birth, i was so busy i forgot to take care of the vain me. hehe. but everything was good, i felt really light and clean after the facial. it was a good one and i really think i deserved it. I may not be in need of the best acne treatment but my face can really need a good pampering now.

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