Saturday, April 19, 2008

The one with tagged by Abi

I got two tags from Abi (so loving these stuffs!) and here's the first one.

Rule of Fours

4 jobs i have had:
Recruitment Staff at Andersen Consulting, Inc. (2 months)
Customer Relations Staff at Univet
Executive Assistant / Brand Assistant at Univet
Brand Associate at Univet

4 movies i watched over and over:
Never Been Kissed
Notting Hill
Spider-Man (because of my hubby)
Friends (can we consider this?)

4 places i have lived: (haha, can't live beyond my comfort zone)
Pasig city
Cainta, Rizal
Taytay, Rizal

4 shows i watch:
Forensic Files
American Idol (nyehehe)

4 people who email me:
my college friends
lina from jobstreet (haha)

4 favorite things to eat:
Ice cream

4 places i would rather be:
hmmm, anywhere basta with family

4 things i look forward to this year:
be able to look for a house that we could call ours!
growing business for our studio and start my own business!
simone to finally walk on her own!
lose weight! (bwahaha)

And now I'm tagging Rhea, Con, Pinky, and Sheryll. Enjoy!

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