Friday, April 18, 2008

The realizations of parenthood

A friend of mine, whenever I talked about parenting and how hard it sometimes is, she'd immediately quote the phrase, "The pains of parenthood". I know there'd be pains, forever adjustments and the like, but I think realizations are more apt for how we go about parenting our child. Because it will always be a mixture of joy and sadness, hopes and frustrations, wishes and regrets, it will always be two-sided and the realizations that come along every experience will always be there, whether good or bad.

And be that as it may, let me share with you some realizations I had during the past few days.

~ I realized that no matter how you say that you'd be strong for your baby, the parent is always the first to cry. And hiding your true feelings so your baby won't get affected is the worst part of it all.

~ I realized that parents tend to blame themselves for situations like this, but come to think of it, you cannot blame yourself for something that you don't want to happen and something that you can't control.

~ I realized that no matter how much we guard and be protective of our child, we can never do so. That's why, prayers and faith are the only ones who can protect them.

~ I realized that it was hard enough to be in an island while learning that your baby is sick, much harder to go home. The trip that took us 4 hours back felt like forever.

~ I realized that even if i think my baby is strong and healthy, she can and will eventually be sick.

~ I realized that only Simon and I can decide solely what's good for our baby. No doctor of any high regards can stick a needle through her vein without our knowledge. And I'm so proud that our instincts told us right. Roseola infantum does'nt need any IV and we thank God for giving us the wisdom.

~ I realized that babies, as fragile as they seem are, are stronger than we think. Simone could'nt care less when she feels well, she'd always smile and show to mommy that she's feeling well. I can feel that she's drinking her milk, water and medicines without force coz she knows that she has to get well so mommy and daddy won't have to worry. She is a strong little girl.

The realizations of parenthood...

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