Friday, April 18, 2008

The one with safety first

Now that I have "more" time to blog and think of what transpired over the past few days, Simon and I could'nt help but laugh that we actually rode a banca just to go home faster. Actually, the laughter meant scared at the time we were actually on a banca. I mean, I know it's safe because most of the residents use that as their means of transportation but you can never rule out the possibility of you know what i mean. There's just got to be a way that we can secure a travel insurance for all of us. hahaha. I'm so paranoid. And having experienced that, I also asked myself how we have to travel with Simone tagging along. Let's say, we want to go to China to visit Jason and Naan, will Simone be able to adjust to the climate? Will she not be sick? Do we have to secure our medical plans before we travel? Waah! I have'nt tried travelling her to long trips but I'm securing a passport for her. One way or another, i have to bring her along with us before she turns two coz she won't be free from flight accommodations after that. hahaha, the wise-spender in us.

So if you are parents who love to travel with your kids, please share your tips and suggestions on how to safety travel them. :)

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