Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The one with a movie rating and not

After such a long time, I have'nt gone to a moviehouse again. So what better way to celebrate our monthsary but with a much-awaited film by two of our most favorite martial arts actors con comedians. haha. I sooo love Jet Li and Jacky Chan!

~ I love how their roles are equally divided in terms of exposure, martial arts scenes and casting. I never felt like Jet Li's role is more important that Jacky's. Producer and writer were good.

~ I love the fighting scene of the two actors! Man, i think it was a 10-minute scene and i reminisced the Drunken Master days while watching Jacky Chan's moves. He was so good.

~ I also love the fighting scene with the white-haired b/witch. The fight against an all-white orchid background was just amazing. Love how the contrast of bloom and war was depicted.

~ I love the american guy whom i forgot the name of. haha. He reminds me of Karate Kid.

~ I also love the sparrow girl. reminds me of kim chiu (tama ba spelling?). haha.

All in all, it was a great film. will definitely include it in our collection! (original ha, not pirated! haha)


~ I have lots of "to do" things lined up today but before I leave the house, my SIL asked me to edit her multiply site. So for your sweet bite needs, please check her site! Yeah, this is a shameless plug again. haha.

~ Surprisingly, I've already packed our things for the family outing. Excited eeh?? actually, it's more of an unpacked baggage from the galera trip that was shortened. haha. i did'nt put back the boardshorts and other swimwears that were not used during the galera trip, so I'll just have to pack for simone's things later.

~ I received a text message from the online job I applied for a couple of days ago. I was'nt able to call back and will try to call today. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm not disclosing it just yet since it's not yet final but I hope I'd get it. It's a different online job and I'm kinda excited about. :)

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