Thursday, April 17, 2008

The one with back home

We are finally home! the five-day stay at the hospital took like forever for us. We praise and thank God that we are finally Home, Sweet, Home! It was really a test of our faith, strength, patience and love. And God witnessed to us again. He, indeed, is the great healer.

Last friday, April 11, was our first day at Puerto Galera. We were there as part of Jason and Naan's despedida con Jill's birthday celeb con summer getaway. And just as we were having coffee by the beach, i got a call from my sister-in-law. they are bringing simone to the hospital. waah, tears just fell and i can't stop crying already. it was more like, "why am i here and why am i not with my baby?" and "how is she now? she needs me" kind of thing. my SIL and i were constantly communicating. she was with my mom who called her to ask for a ride. her temperature was 38 deg and she was asked to go home that same night. i don't think i was able to sleep as we were impatiently waiting for the first trip to the pier the following morning which was 6am.

We got the first trip of the banca and despite the fears of having to ride a banca over that of a ferry was something we did'nt mind already. I'am just desperate to be with my daughter and if i have to swim it, i would. but thank God that I dont have to, im not much of a great swimmer. haha. we went home after lunch and immediately changed to pambahay so i could hug her already. she was hot, very hot actually. she smiled when she saw us and her eyes twinkled but you can see that she's not feeling well. she was so clingy that i could'nt put her down. the whole day, her fever did'nt go down from 38 deg, even with the paracetamol on her. So at 6pm, we decided to bring her back to the hospital.

At the hospital, they found out that she was 40 deg hot. oh man! i was trying to look relaxed before her so she can't feel the panicky mom inside me. the attending nurse did'nt even interview us anymore, we were literally rushed to the ER for assistance. they took blood sample, (urine exam was done already the night before) and they immediately gave sponge bath. simone was so cranky, the sight of people in white made her cry so we were the ones who gave her the bath. her fever has'nt gone down. they were asking if they can put IV already and admit her to the hospital. Simon and I felt strongly against it (IV) at that time. we felt that it was not needed, his dad also agreed with us. my mom was kinda okay with it because she wanted simone to get better quickly. When the nurse pricked her finger for blood sample and a little gauze pad and bandage was put on her finger to stop bleeding, she was so furious on the bandage and she kept on removing it. When my mom saw how fussy simone was with the bandage, she agreed with the no-IV as well. haha.

We made a deal with the resident doctor. we requested first for a suppository so she can poop and heat can come out from her body. she has'nt pooped in 2 days so we thought that she's constipated and that might have added into the fever. after the suppository, she pooped one big time! it was dark greenish and really liquid already. after the big poop, she became tired and slept. then, we prayed hard. My FIL, my mom, Simon and I were crying at the cubicle while I was carrying simone and we were praying for her. I cried coz it was my first time as a mom to see your child with her unusual tiresome face, which looked like you can only buy her smile. And it made me feel helpless because i literally cannot do anything to ease her pain, from which i also don't know what kind of pain she has. I was blaming myself for having to leave her and for wanting to have time of our own. I was asking God to heal her immediately so she does'nt have to be in pain. After our prayer, we asked the nurse to check her temperature. it went down to 39 deg, thank God. After a while, it went down to 38 deg. we asked the resident doctor that simone will be admitted but we will observe her fever for a day and if it does'nt make any progress then we will agree with the IV.

It was an on and off fever. For two days, I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel her forehead, then request the nurse to get her temperature from which I'd feel sad after coz fever came back. she'd be fever free for 10 hours or so then fever would come back again. Those two days were really a bumpy ride. I was literally a floating head and I could'nt think straight because of the paranoia striking. And eventually, I surrendered and decided to stop thinking about negative thoughts and worst case scenarios. Simon and I prayed and we lifted everything to God. I know that we will get through this and that Simone will be a healthy baby again.

The following day Wednesday, we were advised by the pedia that simone should'nt get a fever or else, a blood test will be done again to check what's really going on with her. Her last fever was 6am that day and rashes started to come out on her forehead. It was a suspected roseola but dengue can't still be ruled out. That's why she should'nt have fever again so they can rule out dengue already. I literally stayed up the whole night to watch over her. I stayed by her side while Simon slept at the not-so-long bench in the room. He could'nt sleep straight also, he'd wake up once in a while and check on us and ask me if her temp got high. I'd smile and tell him my countdown. "beh, 5 more hours to go and she's 24 hours fever-free!" I was literally like that. We prayed and prayed over her and we know that God will answer our prayers.

6am came and she's fever-free! Praise God! the doctor came at 8am and she confirmed that it's roseola infantum. bad roseola! we started packing up and preparing the docs needed for her check out and the medicard documents and all. her pedia came at around 11am. we were all dressed up and packed up. when he told us that we can go home already, I gave him the "isn't it obvious doc?! look" hahaha. we were so excited to go home!

Upon reaching the house, the minute simone saw her toys, she screamed and smiled over her toys. she was so excited to play in her playpen again, excited to see her stuffed friends and watch her barney videos over and over. I'm just so glad to see her so active again. Her pedia told me that she will "slowly" regain her energy. When we went home, it was like i switched her on and she's back to being my makulit simone.

I love you baby and we are so proud of you that you are so strong!


Mai said...

glad to hear that baby simone's well na. Your faith as parents are truly admirable. Nothing's impossible talaga with God...prayers do wonders. Nakakatuwa at nakaka-contagious ang pagiging maka-Diyos niyo sis.

Kisses to Baby Simone from the Danganan's.

Jacque said...

sis, hahaha. thanks! touched kami ni simon. pero ganun ata talaga as parents. pero looking back, i'm somehow grateful that we experienced it already and got through it. parang it made us stronger as parents. God is soo good. kisses to asher!

issa said...

hi jacque, i feel for you. it's really heartbreaking to see our babies get sick..glad that simone is ok na :)

Jacque said...

hi korek ka dyan issa. super heartbreaking. hehe.