Friday, May 02, 2008

The one with go natural

As I was being my couch potato again, I happened to surf on one of Boy and Kris' episodes and it was something about natural beauty treatments. Things that we can actually buy from a market and that we use for cooking can also be used as part of our beauty regimen. These are some of the things i remembered:
~ Brown sugar and coconut oil can be mixed together and used as a body scrub
~ Honey and calamansi can be mixed together and used as a facial cream. It's a good natural acne treatment too.
~ Coconut oil can be used for hot oil. Just cook the coconut meat and squeeze the meat to get the oil. Apply on hair and massage hair for ten minutes. Put shower cap to cover hair. Rinse thouroughly with water ONLY.
~ Calamansi is a very good underarm, elbow and knee whitening regimen.

There, it does'nt need to be expensive to get beautiful. Now, I just need to find the willingness to do these, I'am so lazy on these things. haha

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