Friday, May 09, 2008

The one with it finally struck me

I know I've been contemplating about how hard it is to lose weight and I had my turning point when I weighed in on my mom's scale and saw that I gained *too-toot* pounds! what the?! I was trying to be surprised but I guess if there's someone I can blame, it would only have to be....the inventors of Choco Mucho! haha. I'm a confessed choco mucho addict. Unfortunately, I really have to stop this addiction, lest I'll get diabetes. Simon noticed that I don't buy choco mucho boxes anymore (yes, you read it right, i buy in boxes, not on retail) and i told him that i'm on my withdrawal phase so it would help if we don't talk about it. hahaha. I need a drug rehab for this.

I'm getting busy planning on how to decorate Renzo's dedication venue tomorrow. I'm excited and I hope Lissa and Wowie will love it. It will be my first time to do balloon decorating tomorrow. I still don't have any experience, as i need to enroll myself yet, but i'm practicing and i hope i'd give justice to it. wish me luck! i'll post pictures soon. I don't know, after Simone's party, i can't stop thinking of the balloons and how nice it is to know and learn the craft. it might be a good business venture too, who knows? haha.

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Anonymous said...

that would be a good start for the balloon biz that you want :)

good luck!