Saturday, May 31, 2008

The one with well-deserved

Being a work-at-home mom for almost eight months now, it has been more motivating for Simon to be the anchor of our ship -- be a good provider, a very, very supportive husband and a very loving father. He works hard in the office, he alone does all our projects for our biz, he makes time for us and he still has more time serving God. Sometimes, I can feel his stress when he requests for a massage. (until i'll ask him to get a real one from a spa since i can't give any justice to my massages)

So what better way to reward a very hard-working man but to buy him his much-delayed toy. haha. I got a cheque from one of our clients and I thought of giving him his PSP already. I texted him and he was overjoyed. When we went home, he began to be confused if he wanted that or a PS2. But knowing my husband, he'll still want to have a PSP should we decide to buy the other one. Xbox 360 is out of the question since it's not portable and compared to the two, it did'nt catch our attention.

He was so happy when we shopped for it last minute at greenhills. It was like me giving my daughter her favorite jellyace. His face lightened up and he kept on kissing my cheek. haha, little did he know that i used his money to buy that. haha.

congratulations beh! you deserve your new toy!

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