Thursday, May 22, 2008

The one with 15 and 29

These are the number of months we celebrated this month. Simone turned 15 months already! Praise God! And we are happily married for 29 months! Still in a bliss! I'm just thankful for blessing me with my wonderful babies. yeah, simon will forever be a baby. haha.

here she is now...(photos from sheryll)

Before turning 15 months, here are highlights of her milestones: (one happy mom i'am)
~ she does the action of "twinkle, twinkle little star" by open-close her hands
~ she does the action of "itik, itik" hahaha. promise!
~ she can climb the stairs, about 3 steps...alone! waah!
~ she can climb the sofa and sit on it...alone! more waah!
~ she walks faster and with more confidence now.
~ she's the same height as our dining table. what?!
~ she still loves mommy's routine around the house
~ she loves colors and tries to color barney with her lines outside the images. ;)
~ she loves to doodle on her dora notebook, with pentel pen inks all over her shirt.
~ she can change a DVD specially if she does'nt like the one playing. (promise, she can really do this!)
~ she has added these words in her vocabulary: says barney with "yarni"; mommy with "ma-me"; daddy with "da-dhe"; tan with "nan" (answers when asked what's your surname?)
~ she still refers to all animals as "aw-aw" but she can differentiate an elephant, dog, cat, giraffe, and even a rat (aka mickey mouse)
~ she can never sleep without her no-pillowcase-pillow. and she does'nt want it with a case on, she'll always remove when i try to put one.
~ we don't boil her water anymore! hehe.
~ she's as ticklish as ever
~ she loves to open cabinets
~ she can now shoot the shapes inside the toy house. i don't know how to call that toy though. but she can only do so with the heart shape and the round one. haha.

can't believe that seven months to go, she'll turn two already. waah! we love you simone!

Happy monthsary beh and thank you for the router! haha. we celebrated our special day with a dinner despedida of the Girons at Somethin' Fishy in Eastwood. We will surely miss this family. Thank you for being our godparents.

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Olivia said...

Hi Jacque, my baby's a month younger than yours and it's both sad and wonderful when I see her doing things on her own...di na siya baby!!! =( di ko alam kung anong gagawin ko when she starts changing the dvd too...hahaha baka umiyak na lang ako