Friday, May 09, 2008

The one with emoticon

I was'nt able to finish my endless to do list this week, i feel like the list just keeps on getting longer. haha. Promise beh, I'll start on our portfolio next week. totoo nato. ;)

anyway, i remembered i wanted to post these pictures ever since concon sent these thru YM. simone is really a big girl na. pics were taken by their photographer during joaquin's (aka pork chop) birthday bash. congrats again con for throwing such a great party!

haay, she's not a baby anymore...

camera addict talaga si simone. i remember nap ni rhea was telling me, "talagang tumitingin sya sa camera pag picture noh?" hehe.

okay, si daddy naman...haha.

yeah, maybe it's because mother's day is nearing, the reason for my sudden emoticon burst. i was browsing her album while we were in her playroom. can't help talaga pero she has grown so much already. i mean, not that im overacting or anything, but you know the feeling na one year has passed already and so much changes have taken place in the life of someone you call your own. yun lang, it's just overwhelming. :)

okay, so much so for that, im posting one pic of some n@wie friends. meet them here in flesh. haha.

From L-R: Rhea with Andie, Tin with Andie, Mec with Yakee, Me, Con, and Jen


Vannie said...

HUHUHU!!! i should've been there but we had our company outing!! looks like you guys had fun talaga. huhuhuhuhuh!


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