Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The one with boys only

The husband had a date with his dad and his only brother. As far as i can remember, that's their first boys night out. haha. My father-in-law surprised them with a shopping money. Shocked to the bones, both of them did'nt know what to do with the gift. Chris immediately asked simon to pool their money so they can buy an acoustic guitar. The big man said no because he wanted them to buy something that they don't usually buy or what we call the "vanity stuff". He wanted them to buy a designer jewelry or a watch maybe. They strolled and could'nt find any. my husband even called me and asked if he can by his PSP already. I told him, whichever dad wants you to buy, that's what you'd buy. Anyway, that's his money. Just do what he asks. haha, good daughter-in-law.

They ended up buying clothes. haha. Their family continues to amaze me and I really pray and hope that simon and i will be the kind of parents that our parents are to us.

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Anonymous said...

wasn't it Simon who wanted the guitar?

Chris hasn't touched his share yet. He did want to spend it on a watch he's been eyeing for months. Glad Simon found Memo clothes to his liking :) Memo's shoulder cuts are really perfect for both their shoulders.

and Daddy is really thoughtful, indeed.


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