Friday, May 02, 2008

The one with the summer outing

We went to a private resort in antipolo, Marabella resort. It's quite new and since the place is nearer to us rather than going to batangas or laguna, we knew this is a better choice for the Tan Family.

It's Simone's first time to swim...officially. haha. I put tons of baby oil on her. I was kinda scared coz she just came out of her roseola and the paranoid in me is telling me that she has to recover still. Nah, I don't think so. My baby's really strong, no sign of any need for recovery. haha. although, she did'nt like the water at first. i think because it was 9am the water was still cold. when we tried the second time, she like it na. yey!

see, she did'nt like it at first...hahaha. pero nakatingin pa rin sa camera. :)

wow, floating galore na ito! hahaha.

she stayed sa water for almost an hour and her hands are all wrinkled already. she enjoyed it. did you notice the change of swimwears? hahaha. we brought three actually, she was able to wear the two 2-pc. swimsuits. nice! buti pa sya.

here are more pictures!

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