Thursday, May 29, 2008

The one with sore feet and waiting friend

Imagine this.

You started your day with errands around the home and accomplishing mommy tasks before you wait for your mom to babysit for your baby. While your baby take a morning nap, you turn on your PC and take some blog ads. When your mom arrives, you leave home. You have at least 8 important things to do in your planner and every minute counts. Your first stop, driving to a friend's house to get the form she needed to fill up. Now, you need to drive faster to get to Makati by 1:30pm and it's 1pm already. Sun is really up and your legs are starting to ache from driving. You head to Makati to meet a client and get a cheque. Third stop, go to the bank immediately to encash the cheque. Fourth stop, while driving north, you have to keep in mind that you'll stop over at Starmall to go to Milk&Co. store to purchase items, return some and register a member. You need to do all these in just 30 minutes so you won't be late in your next appointment. (well, so you won't be too late i mean coz you're already late) You ordered a wrong item so you needed to return them while you're in the store and re-purchase it. After that, you're running to the parking lot from which you got lost because you don't know where you could exit. You already missed two errands, go to kapitolyo to buy balloon stuff for a client and go to a dentist to take the medicare advantage that you have since you have'nt had your teeth checked since after you got pregnant which is like two years ago. haha. You promise to meet your friend already in the parlor so you two can have your much-awaited haircut. Your friend already waited for an hour and she does'nt feel like having a haircut anymore, she just wanted to shop. So you turn your wheel back and head to the mall where she will meet you. That's your fourth or fifth stop? fifth yeah. Good thing the mall is at Galleria. Before meeting your friend, you need to go to Sun Cellular office to get the phone unit of your client which you almost missed to do which is your sixth stop. And now, finally, you're meeting your friend. She's just too happy to see you and you're too guilty to have her waited you treated her for comfort food. You forgot to have lunch and you even forgot to change your pads (because it's your second day, excuse for the girly stuff). you rushed to the washroom and saw that you had your undies stained. good thing it did'nt go through your jeans. so after cleaning up, you head back to eating ice cream and hot dog with your friend and had some chat. After an hour, you bid goodbye and head to greenhills to meet your husband. You were rushing to go to Vmall before the store closes. You and your husband now buy his much-awaited gadget and you now wait for 30 minutes more to finish the transaction and purchase. After that, you head to a fastfood to have your late dinner with husband and before doing that you saw a Mercury drug store and bought some things for your baby. So after eating dinner, you went home. Tired, exhausted, restless, you changed clothes and lie down to bed. You literally feel your legs and feet swollen from all the walking and running time that you had to do that day plus the fact that you're having your monthly symptoms attacking and you asked your sweet husband for a leg massage until you fall asleep.

Never, never, never will i do this again. haha. But I'm so proud and my husband's so proud of me yesterday. I felt like a superwoman. haha. Too bad, i missed two errands which i promised to do today...among other things. haha. here we go again!

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