Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The one with a talk

It's been a while since i last talked in front of a number of people. When I was working, presentations and never-ending powerpoints play a big chunk of my work, so basically i learned to present in front of the big bosses without 200 bpm in my pulse. haha. and bosses reprimanding you or shouting at you is just as mundane. more haha.

this time, i'm preparing for a talk next week at our church. we'll be having a praise and worship seminar and i was assigned to do a talk on a certain topic. I'm sure this is way much different from what i used to do before but this is much more rewarding, allowing yourself to be used for a greater cause. oh and i hope they'll learn something from me too. haha.

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Rocks said...

sis, baka you can speak to our music ministry too? you and your hubby..what do you think? BLESSINGS!!!