Thursday, May 15, 2008

The one with finally a day off!

Yey, I finally had the day off. For the longest time, I always thought that my running errands or simply going out to meet clients or go to the grocery store can also be considered "time to myself". Until i realized thru a friend's advice that a "day off" is a time to just relax, go out and not worry on bills to pay, things that are needed to be bought for home and certainly taking care of my baby. I never had one, believe me. Not that i'm complaining, it's just that i think that i deserve to have one. Being a SAHM/WAHM, it is much more difficult to draw the line of self-relaxation vs. homemaking/taking care of your child. Because to yourself, you don't consider taking care of your child a work, neither a burden that you have to unload and get over with. It's a role that you play each waking day.

But one way or another, it will take a toll on you, physically and mentally, if you don't have an outlet or you don't prioritize your self-needs anymore. I had a bit of emotion burst last mothers' day when i suddenly felt tired from the busy schedule we had and came evening, i still had to cook for some visitors who came. I mean, I thought it was a day for all mothers, why did i feel so restless and exhausted? What's worst was that I was looking forward to a dinner out with my family and because the visitors overstayed, we just ate at home. Don't get me wrong, I already got my sweet kisses, hugs, and greetings from my two babies (simon and simone) and i felt special that day, it's just that i was kinda looking forward to a little unwinding outside home. haha. I told simon about what i was feeling the following day, after i filtered my emotions and took away some irrationality out of it. ;) and he perfectly understood me and even told me, "that's the reason why i always tell you to get a massage, and you always refuse to getting one. beh, you deserve it."

And just the other day (wednesday), we went out for a date. yihee. a real one. i mean, not the fancy type, but the usual dates that we used to have. i was sooo happy. we went to our favorite hang out, eastwood. he took me shopping, ate out, and watched a movie. (Iron Man is good!) I felt so happy, he saw it in my eyes. And when we got home, while giggling and laughing about the fun evening that we just had, i kissed him and hugged him tight, and then i thanked him for always understanding me and for a wonderful time.

Yes, I finally had my day-off! (haha, i sound like a sosi yaya, bwahaha)

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