Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The one with step by step

I know she's just taking her time.

But the mommy in me patiently practices her walking skills and strolling skills everyday. She can actually walk alone, but she has to see me on the other end of where's she's going so she'd have a goal, moreso a finish line. haha. I'm just happy to see her walking more than the usual steps without me forcing her to do so. She just stood up and started walking while I was singing to her. Congratulations Simone! I know you can do it baby!

I remember I had this same dilemma with Simone being a vegetarian. At one, we started introducing table food to her but she really did'nt like it and would only eat specially-prepared veggies and rice for her. I was fine with it since I knew it was a healthy diet but every meal, I patiently introduce to her different kinds of food and now, even if we still prepare food for her, she starts to eat pasta, fruit shakes from a straw (cool!) and "taste test" some of the meals i cook. It's a step-by-step process you know. haha.

Anyhow, it's Renzo's dedication on Saturday (Renzo is the son of my officemate Lissa) and I promised her that I'd help her out with her venue decors. I still don't have enough skills on balloon decors, so i just decided to practice and practice on the set-up i'm working on for Renzo. I do hope Lissa and Wowie will like it. Good thing, the venue (same as simone's party venue) has curtains so i can easily pin and hang the decors. I'll keep you posted with pics soon. Oh, did I mention that it's balloon-decorating I'm talking about?! haha.

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