Friday, May 02, 2008

The one with weight gain

I know I gained weight again. Hay, it's so hard not to eat sweets coz I have a sweet tooth. I looove chocolates, cakes, ice cream and anything sweet. And I'm kinda feeling the bulges again. Since I stopped eating my greens, I started going back to my usual diet and believe me, it's not a good one. Having a husband who loves to eat does'nt help a bit. I have to eat with him and do you know the feeling of eating with someone who eats as if it's his last time? haha. that's how my husband is. He really eats to his heart's content and that's good. I mean, you really have to enjoy your food and lucky for him that he has a faster metabolism, all his fats just go right to his hands and feet. haha. unfortunately, i don't have that skill.

I chanced upon this site on weight-loss. It's a personal blog actually and everything is based on his experiences. Maybe, I'd read more and i hope it would help me. It's been quite a while already and my being a drama queen of not being able to lose weight is not a good sign anymore because I myself don't have the discipline. I'm a certified Choco Mucho addict and if i don't stop eating that, I'd get diabetes. I lost the drive to lose weight a couple of months back when I lost some and thought that it's enough. I should have worked harder. And the excuse of "just gave birth" is sooo not acceptable already! haha, for goodness' sake, my baby is now a toddler, I ran out of excuses already. Hmm, maybe I should say, I need the energy to run after her, that's why i eat more now?! hahaha. My friends who gave birth later than I did are all sexy again! Waah! hahaha. They inspire me. Hopefully, the inspiration will lead to determination and then some action. haha.

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