Thursday, May 15, 2008

The one with busy saturday

Why does everything have to happen on May 17?! what's with the date?! I looked at my planner and saw that i have at least four important events, and i don't know which one to attend to.

First off, my parents are arriving from Vietnam! Yey, we so miss them. They went to Vietnam two weeks ago for a mission trip. Ah yeah, did i mention that they're missionaries? I'm so proud of them. They've always wanted to go on missions but the budget did'nt allow them to until now. And I'm happy to see them that they've fulfilled their calling. I just wish i had the money to send them to their other mission trips. So anyway, I wanted to be the one to drive for them. Plus, I also wanted simone to see an airplane up close since she loves airplanes. Weird though, my does'nt text me their ETA details, she does'nt want me to drive that far and get tired. so technically, i can tick this off my plans for the day but i don't want to, so i'm figuring out how to get their ETA details. hehe.

Second, the Adobe Photoshop seminar that costs P300 only. so cheap, it's a very good price. But since it an 8-hour seminar, i did'nt register anymore. tsk, tsk.

Third, the Mom expo in rockwell. I already registered last month and i'm so looking forward to the topics and mommy stuff that i can check out. I plan to drop by with my parents before we head home. I just hope they still have the energy for it.

Fourth, we have to attend a silver wedding anniversary. Simon needs to be there at 3pm. Yikes!

So tell me, how will i suppose to schedule saturday? hmmm, busy, busy as a bee.

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