Friday, May 02, 2008

The one with the birthday boy

Simon was awakened by Simone's tapping his back and then kissing him on his cheek while mommy singing the happy birthday song. We're all happy because we have the whole day to ourselves, yey! I gave him my gift, it's a polo from Memo and he liked it. He feels like he owns one of Dingdong Dantes' oufits. haha. (read: just the outfit, he will never look like Dingdong Dantes) But it really looks good on him. I like buying clothes for him, I feel like I have a mannequin to dress up. :)

Anyway, we went out that afternoon and the usual, eat out and stroll at the mall. He wanted to buy a gift for himself and he got excited because he got an approval from me. haha. unfortunately, the ipod case that he was looking for and the video cards that he wanted ran out of stock. too bad, everything that he wanted that day, he did'nt get and my approval only last for a day. hahaha. nah, im just kidding. he can always buy those whenever he wants to, he just have to ask me first. haha, i'm the budget officer, what can i do?!

And then we went to Time Zone which we really enjoyed. Simone rode on a car that only goes sideways. She did'nt like it that much though. We played hoops and took the Van Gogh's workroom which turned out really nice. Then, we bought some stuff for simone, bought lots of fruit shakes and took simone for a really long walk. she loves to walk, albeit one hand assistance. I know she'll soon walk by herself. We capped it off with dinner and a DVD movie at home. It's a simple celebration but still a meaningful one. And may i quote my husband's kilig statement: "anywhere with you guys is a happy place"

Happy birthday simon! we love you so much! and thank you for being my bestfriend. :)

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