Monday, May 12, 2008

The one with mother's day

It's my second time! Simone and I woke up late for our 8am mass service. Simon went ahead since he was assigned to play for the praise and worship. My alarm did'nt work (or it did but we had a good sleep that we did'nt notice it?) and it took us an hour to prepare. we got to the church at 9am and ashamed as i was, i did'nt finish the service to be on-time for simone's first tv shoot at 10am. forgive me, i planned on going to the afternoon service but was'nt able to do so either. heck, that's another story.

Anyway, after the service, we went to Lissa's house already and we were greeted by Izzo, Lissa's first son. We had some chat about the recently held dedication and how much we were ranting on the venue's airconditioning and raving on the choco fondue set and her give-aways, which by the way are so cute. :) The crew of the TV show came at around 11am. We introduced ourselves and had some chit chat before starting with the shoot. naks, i feel like we're real actors. haha.

Simone and i were assigned to do the "travelling with your child" and "child-proofing your home". It was not easy to "act" since one scene would require me to repeat what i did at least three times. The reason, they have to get different angles of the same scene. So if the scene required that i had to pack simone's things for travelling, i had to do it three times, exactly the same way i did it the first time. no more, no less. there were times when i'll be packing diapers first when in fact it should be the last. haha. it was the hardest packing i had to do. The next scene was easier excluding the fact that simone never used a car seat so when she was asked to sit on one, she did'nt like it and gave her tantrum look. We all had a hard time there, but the walking-to-the-van scene was so much easier. I wanted that also since I want national TV to see that my baby's walking already. It's such a wonder to see small feet and legs walking around, much more on TV. haha.

The last scene was something that I think can be improved, had they told me to bring simone's toys over. The scene required that simone will be playing with her toys while i childproof our home. Lissa found a way to find a toy for her but she had to internalize if she likes the toy or not. Before she liked it, the shoot has ended. haha.

That's how we celebrated mother's day...being a stage mom. haha.

PS The show and segment to which the shoot will be used will not be disclosed yet until they've shown it on TV. Reason? Wala lang. haha.

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