Thursday, May 08, 2008

The one with 11 people

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all the 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating.

The Eleven:

1. Simon
2. Jill
3. Jannet
4. Naan
5. Jon
6. Jason
7. Concon
8. Mec
9. Chell
10. Jane
11. Achie

The Questions:

1. How did you meet # 4? Naan is a childhood friend. We've known each other since we were playing out in the sun with just shirt and panties on. haha.

2. What would you do without #5? Then Jill will be lonely, Jon is Jill's husband and one of my good friends.

3. What would you do if #7 and #10 were going out? I'd say it will be fun, I'm sure they'll do shopping, so i'll join them probably. :)

4. Who’s #6’s best friend? Hmm, Naan, her wife. :)

5. Have you ever eaten around #1? Everyday. :)

6. Do you miss #2? Super! Jill is in the US now for a family reunion and hope she gets back soon so the group can meet up again.

7. Who is #11 dating? James, her Korean boyfriend. :)

8. What do you think of #3? We miss her so much. We have'nt been going out for a while already. I know she's busy but i hope she'll make time for us. hehe, possessive friend i know.

9. What do you think of #9? Chell, or Mercy, is my sister-in-law. She and Chris are newlyweds and I hope they'd be blessed with a baby soon. can't wait!

10. Who does #1 like? Of course, ang nag-iisang ako! haha

11. Would you marry #8? Mec would instantly dump me. haha.

Hehe. Got tired going up and down to check on the names i wrote for whatever number. haha. I'm tagging anyone who'd like to answer this. :) thanks karla!

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