Monday, May 12, 2008

The one with the balloons

Okay, it was not as easy as i thought it was. I think my fingers numbed from the pain of tying balloons. To think that I only provided less than 200 balloons and I even made the flower balloons the night before to save me from tying more balloons. But I still had fun. I have'nt had the seminar yet and I just surfed thru the internet and read some books to get some ideas as to how to decorate. I just wish i had enough budget to buy more balloons. It's a little costly, mind you but I hope I did some justice. Lissa approached me after the dedication and thanked me for a good job. So what do you think? honestly, you can tell me.

Disclaimer: The number of balloons used were limited since i had a limited budget as well. haha.

thank you sheryll for the pics! :)

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